Tom Hardy Accepts New Role with ACCA

Tom Hardy
Tom Hardy

The Allegheny City Central Association Board of Directors is expanding the role of Tom Hardy, development consultant, to include duties as the association’s executive director. 

Hardy has extensive experience in real estate development and finance. As the owner of Palo Alto Partners, the company he established in 2009, he’s served as a consultant to ACCA for the last five years. Federal Hill, a development of 42 townhomes, is one of many projects Hardy leads for our community. His portfolio also includes several brownfield re-use projects including Columbus Square in the neighboring community of Manchester. When complete, Columbus Square will feature 31 new single-family homes. 

“Tom has already been the engine powering the ACCA’s most ambitious projects, so we’re in good hands,” explains Steven Adams, Allegheny City Central Association president. “He will continue managing our development initiatives while expanding his role to outreach and fundraising. Tom has a deep understanding of our neighborhood’s unique challenges and the ability and experience to get things done.”

A graduate of Duke University, Hardy also holds a Masters Degree in Urban Planning from the University of Pittsburgh and an MBA from Carnegie Mellon University. He’s called Allegheny City Central his home since 1999. He and his wife, Hannah, live on Palo Alto Street with their two boys.

“I look forward to continuing the momentum we’ve built and working not only on development, but also on quality of life issues that are important to Allegheny City Central residents,” says Hardy.

Please join us in welcoming Tom Hardy in his new role. You can reach him at


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