Allegheny City Central Association Leadership Change

Allegheny City Central AssociationPatrick Dexter has recently stepped in as Acting President of Allegheny City Central Association. Patrick has been serving as Vice President of the organization and has been a Board Member for three years. Andrew Wickesberg, who has served as ACCA President for the past two and a half years, will be working out of town for the foreseeable future due to the ongoing labor dispute between the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra and its musicians. Tom Hardy will continue as Development Consultant.

Andrew expressed confidence that “both Patrick and the current Board Members can keep this organization on the right path.”

In his new role, Patrick assures ACCA members and the Allegheny City Central community that “we are all working together to make this transition a smooth one and will continue the hard work of the organization. We also hope for a speedy resolution to the labor dispute so that Andrew can rejoin his friends and family in Pittsburgh.”



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