ACCA Memberships Expire on December 31, 2020

Just $5 to Join ACCA or Renew Your Membership

All Allegheny City Central Association memberships expire on December 31, 2020. If you join ACCA, or renew your membership in the month of December, your payment will not only cover the rest of this year, but it will also be applied to all of 2021. 

Select one of the following methods to easily renew your membership or become a new ACCA member:

  • Complete the online ACCA Membership Form and submit your dues using PayPal or a credit card
  • Download, print, and complete the ACCA Membership Form, and submit the form with a check for your yearly dues by mail to:
       Allegheny City Central Association
       PO Box 6255
       Pittsburgh PA 15212

Individual Members: Anyone 18 years or older may become an Individual Member. Individual members who live in Allegheny City Central, have been to at least one ACCA meeting within the last 12 months, and are current with their dues, are entitled to vote. Annual dues for an Individual Member are $5 per person, or $3 for those aged 60 years or older. 

Group Members: Any neighborhood organization or business that would like to support ACCA, can become a Group Member. Group Members are not entitled to vote. Annual dues for a Group Member is $25.