Movie from the Vault: Tornado Alley

From the Vault of Carnegie Science Center

Did you know that Carnegie Science Center dusts off a different classic Omnimax film every month to give audiences a chance to relive some crowd favorites?

September Omnimax Film From the Vault: Tornado Alley
If you think it’s thrilling to see tornadoes on a flat screen, imagine how you’ll feel when our domed theater and immersive sound plunge you right into the heart of a whirling windstorm. Join Sean Casey, of Storm Chasers, on his quest to witness the evolution of tornadoes. Travel on a heart-pounding mission to experience a tornado’s destructive power at point blank range with its gale force winds, torrential rains, and unrelenting hail. Get swept away as this adrenaline-charged film reveals the beauty and untamed power of the breathtaking weather events!

Throwback films From the Vault will be shown at the Rangos Omnimax Theater of Carnegie Science Center on Thursday afternoons at 3:15 pm, Friday evenings at 7:00 pm, and Saturday afternoons at 2:15 pm. For more information, visit the Omnimax Vault page.

Carnegie Science Center, 1 Allegheny Avenue, Pittsburgh