Her Holiness, The Winter Dog at New Hazlett Theater

New Hazlett Theater is more than just a building. It’s an incubator for artists. The Theater embraces a broad range of artists and arts organizations, hosting diverse audiences and encouraging the success of Pittsburgh’s performing arts community. In addition, it creates an energetic arena for arts events and community dialogue in its Northside neighborhood.

Her Holiness, The Winter Dog
Thursday, May 30 and Friday, May 31
In a dystopian future, humans cause the extinction of all animals. Now they must use humans to replace their sacred pets. To protect their status and religious values, three sisters hire a guardian of faith who dresses and lives as a dog. As their spiritual leader, The Winter Dog incites change – but not in the way they expect. This performance is presented by Kamratōn, an all-women collective made up of a dynamic group of musicians, and is part of the New Hazlett Community Supported Art Performance Series.