MCG Jazz Presents Jeff Lorber and Grace Kelly

MCG Jazz Presents Jazz, Rhythm, Heart, and Soul

Since 1987, MCG Jazz has brought audiences together with jazz artists at its 350-seat music hall in Manchester. Their performance series, one of the oldest in the nation, is an anchor of Pittsburgh cultural and community life. Performances take place at MCG Jazz, located at 1815 Metropolitan Street in Manchester.

Jeff Lorber + Grace Kelly
Friday, November 9 at 7:00 pm and at 9:30 pm
Trailblazing pianist, composer, producer, and bandleader Jeff Lorber is a consummate artist who continues to push himself to new plateaus. A true clinician, Lorber has made it a point to study the long line of modern jazz pianists since 1945.

Singer, saxophonist, and composer Grace Kelly plays with the heart and passion of an old soul yet with the genre-bending zest and energy of a 25 year old. Kelly has drawn critical praise and new fans every year with headlining over 700 shows in 30 countries. Already known for defying genres with her award-winning music, Kelly is picking up steam by rewriting the rules of the performance experience.