LitFest ’22 | American Sufi Music Project

City of Asylum: Pittsburgh International Literary Festival 2022

The Pittsburgh International Literary Festival (LitFest ’22) is a 10-day festival that considers themes of identity and marginalization with an emphasis on literature in translation. City of Asylum is committed to producing literary programs that encourage cross-cultural exchange. LitFest continues that work and the work to protect and celebrate freedom of creative expression. 

The Festival features a diverse array of writers and artists from 15 countries and speaking more than 11 languages. It is a true hybrid festival, with programs connecting audiences and artists in Pittsburgh and around the world, both in person at Alphabet City and online. To view all of the events that are scheduled for LitFest ’22, visit the Pittsburgh International Literary Festival 2022 webpage.

American Sufi Music Project
Sunday, September 11 from 6:00 to 7:30 pm
The American Sufi Music Project is an exploration and celebration of the connection between original Sufi compositions and improvised Jazz. Featuring readings of Rumi poetry and traditional Sufi dancers (twirlers), this will be an evening of genres mixing, improvisation, and rhythmic music. The music includes instruments from across the near east including Ney, Kemenche, Frame Drums, Fretless electric guitar, and U Bass. The compositions feature subtle ornamentation and striving improvisations. And with a touch of jazz, there is a sense of East-meets-West that contemporizes the music. Based in New York City, the American Sufi Project seeks to transmit through music and art, a taste of divine love. This program will be held in-person at Alphabet City and live-streamed online.

40 West North Avenue Pittsburgh