Miniature Railroad & Village Reopens

The Miniature Railroad & Village® has been closed for renovations. It will reopen at the Carnegie Science Center on Friday, November 28, for the holiday season.

The Miniature Railroad & Village features hundreds of wonderfully realistic animated scenes that illustrate how people lived, worked, and played in our region during an era spanning the 1880s to the late 1930s. Be sure you don’t miss the debut of the historic Buhl Planetarium, the newest addition to the Miniature Railroad & Village, in honor of the planetarium’s 75th anniversary.

Did you know that the Miniature Railroad & Village includes:

  • 105 animations
  • 250,000+trees
  • 14 aircraft
  • 85 automobiles
  • 1 Incline (Monongahela Incline)
  • 60 trucks
  • 22 horse-drawn vehicles
  • 23,000 fans in Forbes Field

The Miniature Railroad & Village display is free with the cost of admission. For more information, visit the Miniature Railroad & Village event page.

Carnegie Science Center, 1 Allegheny Avenue, Pittsburgh