Quantum Theatre Presents “All the Names”

All The Names Presented by Quantum TheatreQuantum Theatre presents All the Names, a world premiere adaptation based on José Saramago’s Nobel Prize winning book, translated by Margaret Jull Costa.

A team of collaborators and a fascinating premise: make José Saramago’s Nobel Prize-winning novel a three-dimensional, theatrical experience. Quantum Theatre’s Artistic Director Karla Boos, and the Mattress Factory‘s Barbara Luderowski, lead a group of artists that also includes Joe Seamans, Narelle Sissons, Sarah Pickett, Megan Rivas, and Cindy Limauro. What results might look like theatre from one perspective, but installation art from another. Luderowski’s love of architecture, sculpture, and assemblage contributes in a fundamental way, and asks patrons to forget everything they know about the traditional theater experience and become completely immersed in José Saramago‘s beautiful story. 

Quantum TheatreAll the Names is about Senhor José, a lowly clerk in the Central Registry of an unnamed city, obsessed with collecting and on a journey to find a mysterious woman who has slipped through the cracks of Kafka-esque categorization.

All the Names will be performed Wednesday through Sunday from April 10 to May 2 at the Original Carnegie Free Library of Allegheny, located in Allegheny Square adjacent to the New Hazlett Theater. Visit Quantum Theatre’s All the Names event page to see performance times, special performances dates, or to purchase tickets.