Re-Visit Disorder

Neu Kirche Contemporary Art Center is presenting a new public work featuring Resident Artist, Michael Koliner of Pittsburgh. This work is part of NK’s public art program, Fallow Grounds for Sculpture. Fallow Grounds is a public art initiative that temporarily activates vacant land located in the East Deutschtown neighborhood. The objective is to enhance community interactivity by making empty spaces active places for healing, growth and revitalization.

Michael Koliner’s work, Re-Visit Disorder, is a live performance taking place on Sunday, July 26, at 8:00 pm on a vacant lot in East Deutschtown, located at 831 Peralta Street. The project amplifies the tensions and potentials of public space by combining theatre and sculpture to display a true story of extreme personal strife that occurred in Pittsburgh. The work involves a local family who are collaborating with Koliner in re-visiting a tragic event that impacted the family and changed their lives. Re-Visit Disorder is about the way public space is viewed in the aftermath of community trauma and its potential to be re-imagined. The work demonstrates the cathartic power in sharing personal stories as the past unfolds and new narratives are established.

For more information, contact Oreen Cohen by sending an email to or by calling 412-322-2224.

810 Tripoli Street, Pittsburgh 15212