Northside Food Pantry: First Annual Heart-Healthy Food Drive

Please join the Northside Food Pantry Advisors for their First Annual Heart-Healthy Food Drive! Throughout the month of February, the Northside Food Pantry Advisors will be collecting donations of heart-healthy foods to support our food insecure neighbors.  Read below to learn how to show some love to the Northside Food Pantry!

  • Who: Northside neighbors, families, businesses, and organizations – or anyone else willing to support our efforts!
  • What: In light of the recent report from the University of Pittsburgh, “Pittsburgh’s Inequality Across Gender and Race,” the Northside Food Pantry Advisors has determined that their customers would benefit from additional access to heart-friendly foods. Funds raised during February will go towards the purchase of produce, whole grains, nuts, and other heart-friendly goods. The Pantry’s Amazon Wish List will be full of heart-friendly items. The Northside Food Pantry Advisors are encouraging groups who want to host drives during the month of February to restrict goods to heart-healthy items.  
  • When: February 1 to February 29
  • How: Do you work in an office? Share the message of the Northside Food Pantry among your colleagues and encourage them to bring in whole-grain cereal, canned fish, or a bag or two of nuts to help your office drive. Even easier, you can order a case from the Pantry’s Amazon Wish List!  Work from home or are retired?  Would the neighbors on your block be willing to each donate a can of soup? This is a great way to have the community involved! The Northside Food Pantry Advisors will arrange for pick up and/or drop off of food during the first week in March.
  • Why: The Northside Food Pantry is one of busiest in Western Pennsylvania and serves up to 1,000 families a month. This drive has two purposes: to support the heart-health of our food insecure neighbors and to draw attention to the importance of access of heart-healthy foods.  

Email if you have any questions or need more information.