About Allegheny City Central

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Allegheny City Central ® is a vibrant urban neighborhood in the heart of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania’s historic North Side.

Nearly 3,000 residents call Allegheny City Central home. Located within walking distance of downtown Pittsburgh, biking trails, and the riverfront, our home is also a destination.

This eclectic community – also known as Central Northside – includes the Mexican War Streets, a designated federal and city historic district. Top-notch cultural and recreational venues draw visitors from around the globe. Residents refer to a lush 80-acre park as our “front yard.” Our small but growing commercial corridor adds to the neighborhood’s appeal, as more buildings are restored for use by business, shops, and restaurants.

Allegheny City Central has a rich history and a bright future. The area was once part of Allegheny City before it was annexed by Pittsburgh in 1907.

Today, it’s a charming blend of old and new. It’s historic yet progressive. A place where tradition meets cutting-edge.

It’s a community where, for more than four decades, people have opened their doors for an annual house tour. A place where your next-door neighbor is as likely to be a third-generation North Sider as he is a transplant from halfway around the world. Where tending gardens, strolling to the dog park, and dropping by the local pub, the coffee shop and the farmers’ market are regular group outings. Where “stoop sitting” is practically an art. And where art is expressed in many forms.

If you appreciate the convenience of city living along with the atmosphere of a tight-knit community, take a closer look at Allegheny City Central.

It’s easy to see what makes us All Together. Different.