7th Annual Black History Month Lecture: (Re)Making History

Heinz History Center presents its 7th Annual Black History Month Lecture: (Re)Making History. Join Dr. Hasan Jeffries for a free virtual lecture that will explore the ways popular misconceptions about the civil rights movement remake history, altering everything from the African American freedom struggle’s leadership, goals, tactics, and guiding philosophies, to the depth and breadth of the white opposition, including the form and function of racial terror.

Drawing on popular media forms, including movies and political cartoons, this workshop will interrogate leading myths about the African American fight for equality. The films and cartoons will serve as a starting point for exploring the origins of these myths, clarifying the truths these fabrications conceal, and for illuminating the ways these stories shape contemporary discourse on racial inequality and Black protest.

The 7th Annual Black History Month Lecture: (Re)Making History is free and will be held virtually on Friday, February 12 from 5:30 to 7:00 pm. For more information, or to register for your free spot, visit the 7th Annual Black History Month Lecture: (Re)Making History event page.

If you have questions, email Samuel W BlackDirector of African American Programs at Heinz History Center.