Ask the Trainer: Pondering a Puppy?

Are You Pondering a Puppy?

Are you thinking of bringing home a puppy to be part of your family? If so, during the Ask the Trainer: Pondering a Puppy? session, you can learn everything you will need to know before beginning the quest for your new furry friend, and after you bring her/him home. This Ask the Trainer session will cover two very important aspects of new puppy parenting:

  • Before You Get Your Puppy: Where should you get your puppy? What breed is right for you? How do you choose the right puppy? 
  • After You Bring Your Puppy Home: Get answers to all those common puppy questions about house training, mouthing, proper socialization, handling, training, and more!

Ask the Trainer: Pondering a Puppy? will be held at 3:00 pm on Saturday, April 30, at Western PA Humane Society, located at 1101 Western Avenue. For more information, or to purchase your ticket, visit the events page of Western PA Humane Society. Note that this is a People-Only class.

1101 Western Avenue Pittsburgh PA 15233