Sembène Film Festival Presents Black Panther: Paradigm Shift or Scam?

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Black Panther: Paradigm Shift or Scam?
Friday, November 9 from 7:00 to 8:30 pm
Come to Alphabet City for a reading and discussion of Black Panther: Paradigm Shift or Scam? – A Collection of Reviews and Essays on a blockbuster film presented by Sembène – The Film & Arts Festival. Third World Press Foundation publisher Haki Madhubuti and author Herb Boyd have gathered an eclectic group of scholars, film scholars, filmmakers and activists, to critically assess the cultural gains and pitfalls related to the release of the film. Does the blockbuster movie stay true to T’Challa’s radical roots, and where does it stray Herb Boyd, who co-edited the book, will lead the book review and discussion.