Book Launch Party: Each Perfected Name

The poems in Each Perfected Name are about many things: seeing the sacred in the ordinary, recalling the beloved fragility we all carry with us, and wondering what we should do in the world with the stories and symbols that shape us. These meditative, conversational, yet carefully-crafted poems are about Odysseus, Aristotle, and the G-20 Summit; planets, quarks and stars; urban landscapes, the problem of the soul, and so much more.

Author, Richard St. John. is a nationally-published poet whose books include Each Perfected Name, his newest from Truman State University Press, The Pure Inconstancy of Grace, and Shrine. Richard St. John also facilitates Conversations That Matter, small group gatherings that support connection, reflection and shared meaning-making.

Community House Presbyterian Church and Learning Center will be hosting a free Book Launch Party with author Richard St. John, on Thursday, January 22 at 7:00 pm. Community House Presbyterian Church is located at 120 Parkhurst Street. For more information, visit the Book Launch Party event page.

120 Parkhurst Street, 15212