Book Signing with Dan Rooney and Carol Peterson

Dan Rooney and Carol Peterson are authors of the highly acclaimed 2013 book Allegheny City – A History of Pittsburgh’s North Side. Together they created an engaging history of the cultural, industrial, and architectural achievements of Allegheny City from its humble beginnings until the present day. 

You are invited to the Dan Rooney and Carol Peterson book signing at the Allegheny City Historic Gallery. Be prepared for a night of great historic stories, images and conversation about Northside’s early roots. This is your chance to get your copy of  Allegheny City – A History of Pittsburgh’s North Side signed by its authors and treasured as a collectors item. Copies will be available at the Gallery for you to purchase. 

While you are at the Gallery, experience the Allegheny City Historic Gallery’s atmosphere. View the largest collection of Northside images and objects dating over a 150 year period. Bring your personal photos to add to the annals of Northside History. This event is free to the public!

The Dan Rooney and Carol Peterson “Allegheny City” Book Signing will be held on Wednesday, July 8 at 6:00 pm at the Allegheny City Historic Gallery located at 433 East Ohio Street in neighboring Historic Deutschtown.

433 East Ohio Street 15212