DOGA – Yoga With Your Dog!

Are Down Dog and Puppy pose your favorites? Does Fido, Fluffy or Max come running when you roll out your mat? DOGA is about sharing your yoga practice with your canine companion. Dogs are natural yogis – they stretch, live in the moment, and love a good chant/howl! 

A typical DOGA class includes a walking meditation, standing poses, fun balancing poses, and doggie massage and relaxation. No matter what breed pup you have, this is a fun way to celebrate your bond. 

DOGA – Yoga With Your Dog! will be held on Friday, July 17, at 5:30 pm at the Western Pennsylvania Humane Society, located at 1101 Western Avenue. For more information, visit the Western PA Humane Society event page or call 412-321-4625.

1101 Western Avenue Pittsburgh PA 15233