Haki Madhubuti: Taught By Women, Poems as Resistance Language

Free Virtual Event at City of Asylum @ Alphabet City

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Haki Madhubuti: Taught By Women, Poems as Resistance Language
Monday, February 1 from 7:00 to 8:00 pm
This special evening features poet, author, editor, and publisher of Third World PressDr. Haki Madhubuti, who will read from, and discuss, his newest book, Taught By Women: Poems as Resistance Language. Madhubuti will be joined in conversation by Dr. Romi Crawford from the Art Institute of Chicago. In his new and selected poems, prolific artist and activist Madhubuti, pays homage to the many women who have influenced him and contributed to his unique worldview, with warm verses and timeless reverence. Each poem is a vivid portraiture of the “magnificent energy” emanating from a rainbow of Black women.