The Image Catcher’s Exhibit at City of Asylum

Come to City of Asylum for an exhibition of photographs from the accomplished Eugene Mebane Jr. – The Image Catcher. Eugene’s love and passion for video and photography – fostered throughout his life from Pittsburgh to Washington, DC to Penn State and Notre Dame – manifests itself in his unique style. 

Mebane’s videos and photographs echo what he feels is his true purpose – to capture the diversity and vibrancy of people of color. He has been dubbed “The Image Catcher” because of his unique videographic and photographic style. His vivid color images and gripping black and white images of black people focus on the eyes. He believes the eyes are “telling” and “show the real person.” He accepts that the images evoked by his style speak to what he calls “the odyssey and exploration of life.”

The Image Catcher exhibit will be at City of Asylum’s Alphabet City Tent on Friday, August 19, from 7:00 until 8:00 pm. For more information, visit The Image Catcher event page, email, or call 412-323-0278.

318 Sampsonia Way, Pittsburgh PA