JH: Mechanics of a Legend

Anya Martin, along with Hiawatha Project and a team of performing artists, disassembles the legend of John Henry, hero of the American railroad.

JH: Mechanics of a Legend looks deep into our cultural past for the human behind the folklore. The story melds the language of mechanics, century-old ballads and primary historical records to explore the legend of John Henry. This performance measures the myth, the man, and the machine, revealing a poetic and dangerous truth inside the machinations of history, rooted in the economics of slavery.

After the performance, Wendy Arons, script advisor for JH: Mechanics of a Legend, leads a talkback with Samuel Black moderating specific historical questions. Become a part of the community that will add to and help evolve this production for future audiences.

This theatrical work-in-progress is part of the New Hazlett Theater’s Community Supported Art Performance Series. JH: Mechanics of a Legend will be performed on Thursday, April 2 at 8:00 pm at the New Hazlett Theater. For more information about this performance, or to purchase tickets, visit the New Hazlett Theater event page.

About the CSA Performance Series
The New Hazlett Theater Community Supported Art Performance Series is based on the farm share model of community supported agriculture. Each New Hazlett CSA “shareholder” receives six fresh productions, delivered every other month to the New Hazlett Theater.

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