Naama Tsabar: Live Performance at The Warhol

Enjoy a live performance by artist Naama Tsabar at The Andy Warhol Museum. Tsabar’s work is featured in The Warhol’s current exhibition Fantasy America.

Motivated by her film Stranger, Tsabar and sonic collaborator Kristin Mueller, negotiate the use of an instrument made from two attached chromed plated electric guitars. The musicians will explore the use of the object both separately and together, resulting in a dance that moves through gentle and violent states. Tsabar pushes against gender norms, especially those that privilege male musicians, to examine female empowerment and liberation.

The live performance of Naama Tsabar is free and will take place on Thursday, August 12 at 2:00 pm in The Warhol Entrance Space.

For more information, visit the Naama Tsabar: Live Performance event page.