Noontime Walking Tour: Fourth Avenue

One of 18 National Register Districts in the city, Fourth Avenue showcases buildings designed by more than a dozen distinguished architects, in styles ranging from Greek Revival to Post Modern, constructed between 1836 and 1984. Tall buildings with banks on the ground level and aggressive little places of a couple of stories, dedicated solely to finance when built, now serve multiple new uses or are awaiting renovation.

The Noontime Walking Tour of Fourth Avenue is offered by the Pittsburgh History & Landmarks Foundation and will be held each Friday in September, from 12:00 until 1:00 pm. Advanced reservations are appreciated. 

For more information, or to reserve your free spot, email Mary Lu Denny, or call 412-471-5808, ext 527. Visit the Pittsburgh Landmarks & History event calendar to view a complete list of events offered.

Pittsburgh History & Landmarks Foundation, 100 West Station Square Drive, Pittsburgh, PA 15219