Poetry Reading Celebrates Black Arts Movement Poets

Umbra/Pittsburgh Writers Celebrate Black Arts Movement Poets

Come to City of Asylum to enjoy poetry readings by Umbra/Pittsburgh Writers in celebration of Black Arts Movement Poets. Each poet will read a favorite poem by an artist of the Black Arts Movement, followed by an original poem. A 15-minute question and answer segment will follow.

Umbra/Pittsburgh Writers Workshop is a community writers workshop. It involves reading works of innovative poets, writing prompts, lively discussions, exploration of poetic forms and element, as well as critique and editing of fellow poets. It is a place to share your writing experiences with other poets.

The free Poetry Reading: Celebration of Black Poetics will be held on Tuesday, July 19, from 6:30 to 8:30 pm, at the City of Asylum Alphabet City Tent. For more information, or to reserve your free seat, visit the Poetry Reading event page, email Hannah Waltz, or call 412-323-0278.

318 Sampsonia Way, Pittsburgh PA