Sembène Film Festival Presents Mandabi at Alphabet City

Free Screening of Mandabi at Alphabet City

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Sembène Film Festival: Mandabi
Monday, July 30 from 7:00 to 9:00 pm
Come to Alphabet City for a screening of Mandabi (The Money Order) presented by Sembène – The Film & Arts Festival. Illiterate, unemployed, fiftyish Ibrahima Deng suddenly gets a windfall: a money order from his street sweeper nephew for 20,000 francs (roughly $100). But as friends, relations, and debtors close in, he finds he can’t cash it without an identity card, which requires a proof of birth. This film is a darkly humorous satire of Kafkaesque bureaucracy and corruption, as Deng concludes “honesty is a sin in this country.”

40 West North Avenue Pittsburgh