SkyWatch: Learn about Globular Clusters, Nebulas and Planets

Carnegie Science Center invites visitors to come to Observatory SkyWatch at the Henry Buhl, Jr. Observatory and get up-close and personal with amazing celestial objects. The 16-inch Meade LX200 Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope shows you great detail of Jupiter’s clouds, Saturn’s rings, and the lunar surface. Best of all, an expert stargazer can explain exactly what you’re seeing. You can’t do this at home!

The cost of Observatory SkyWatch is $2, or free with the purchase of a laser show or Omnimax ticket. No reservations are required. Meet on the first floor of the Carnegie Science Center. A guide will lead you to the fifth floor observatory, where you will be greeted by a spectacular view of downtown Pittsburgh and the Point.

Observing takes place on clear Friday and Saturday evenings through November. You can call the SkyWatch Hotline at 412-237-3327 the night of the session for the latest information. For more details, visit the Observatory SkyWatch event page.

Carnegie Science Center, 1 Allegheny Avenue, Pittsburgh