Northside Neighbor Night: Show Your Support

Come Out on Northside Neighbor Night to Show Your Support

To show support for our neighborhood children, plan to come to the next Northside Youth Athletic Association‘s football and cheerleading practice sessions on Tuesday, July 5, from 6:00 to 8:00 pm.

After the violence at their last practice on June 21, let’s show our kids that we are there for them! The Northside Youth Athletic Association has asked for as many neighbors as possible to show up at this first practice to let the kids know that their community cares and supports them. 

Northside Neighbor Night will be held in Allegheny Commons’ Richard McCabe Field, located at the corner of West North Avenue and Arch Street. Cheer on the children as they practice! Talk with your neighbors! Bring a friend! Bring a sign! Most importantly, let’s be sure that our Northside neighborhood children know that we do care!

Northside Youth Athletic Association - Northside Neighbor Night

Summer is for Playing in the Park in PEACE – NOT Fear


West North Avenue and Arch Street, Pittsburgh