The Taming: A Reading by Author A.M. Rycroft

A dark fantasy tale, The Taming follows the brash Thystle Moran, sword for hire. Only one job has ever bothered her, one that promised to be easy money, but ended in the death of her friend. Now, an imp with questionable motives says her friend’s death was no accident. Thystle seeks retribution as her world spirals out of control. She faces off against her dark past, a betrayal, feelings for a young woman, and the interests of a shadowy group known only as the Immortals. Can she ever just catch a break?

Visit City Books on Monday, July 25 from 7:00 to 8:30 pm for a Reading from The Taming by Author A.M. Rycroft. City Books is located at 908 Galveston Avenue in neighboring Allegheny West. For more information, visit The Taming: A Reading by Author A.M. Rycroft event page, or call 412-321-7323.

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