Virtual Science Seminar: Malacology Collections by Chris Hobbs

At the next R.W. Moriarty Science Seminar hosted by Carnegie Museum of Natural HistoryChris Hobbs presents Museum Malacology Collections for Conservation Research.

Hawaii supports a spectacular land snail radiation with 754 species, and many more awaiting description. The Achatinellidae are among the most well-known Pacific Island land snails, and most are endemic to the Hawaiian archipelago. Achatinellid research has contributed substantially to our understanding of evolution, island biogeography, and conservation. Historically, researchers relied heavily on shell morphology to distinguish among species, but shell traits may vary substantially within species, and overlap among species, creating inconsistencies in species delineation.

Chris Hobbs’ research focuses on ecology, evolution, and conservation of freshwater, terrestrial, and marine molluscs (or mollusks). Chris’ dissertation focused on the freshwater snail, Segmentina nitida, a species of priority conservation importance in the UK.

The seminar by Chris Hobbs is free and will take place virtually on Monday, April 19 from 12:00 to 1:00 pm.

For more information, or to register for your virtual seat, visit the Museum Malacology Collections for Conservation Research event page.