Enjoy a Walking Tour of City of Asylum Spaces

City of Asylum has been a sanctuary for international writers in exile since 2004. Beginning as a collection of homes to house writers on Sampsonia Way, City of Asylum has since expanded its presence to include the Alphabet Reading Garden and the newly opened cultural center Alphabet City. Their mission is to provide a community for writers, creative spaces for literary writers in danger, and rich cultural and educational environments for the Northside. 

Join the Office of Public Art on a tour of City of Asylum spaces with co-founder and artist Diane Samuels, Assistant Director Silvia Duarte, and project coordinator Hannah Waltz. Get an insider’s look on how City of Asylum is transforming public space and engaging residents on the Northside. The tour will begin in the Mexican War Streets at the Alphabet Reading Garden (1406 Monterrey Street), continue on to Sampsonia Way to the writer residences with a stop at Samuels’ studio, and conclude at Alphabet City

The Walking Tour: Alphabet City will be held on Friday, February 17 from 7:00 to 9:00 pm. To register, visit the Office of Public Art Alphabet City Tour event page.

40 West North Avenue Pittsburgh