Waterfowl Watching Bus Tour

On Saturday, March 7, witness the spectacle of more than 100,000 Snow Geese and up to 10,000 Tundra Swans all gathered together in one place at one time, filling the skies with a blizzard of white wings and a crescendo of whooping and honking calls. The spring migration of geese and swans at Middle Creek Wildlife Management Area, between Hershey and Reading PA, is one of the wonders of the natural world! National Aviary Ornithologist, Bob Mulvihill, will lead an all day bus tour, departing the National Aviary at 10:00 am and returning after midnight.

The waterfowl tour is timed for the return of tens of thousands of birds to their nighttime roost on the water. In addition to watching this awe-inspiring spectacle toward evening, you will have plenty of time beforehand to scope out many more waterfowl species, including more than a dozen species of ducks, as well as other birds like Bald Eagles, Northern Harriers, and Short-eared Owls. At this time of year, more than 125 species of birds can be seen at Middle Creek, making it one of the very best early spring birding destinations anywhere!

To purchase tickets for the Waterfowl Watching Bus Tour, please call Audrey at 412-258-9463 or email Audrey.Beichner@aviary.org. In addition to supporting the National Aviary, your ticket price will cover the costs of a brown bag lunch, restaurant dinner buffet, and snacks!

700 Arch Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15212