RFP: Residential Energy Audit Services

ACCA Request for Proposals: Residential Energy Audit Services
Due: November 14, 2016


This Request for Proposals (RFP) is to provide residential energy audit services within Pittsburgh’s Allegheny City Central neighborhood. Allegheny City Central Association (ACCA) has received a grant to provide these services to qualified elderly and low-income homeowners in the neighborhood. The goal is to equip vulnerable population with the ability to reduce their utility expenses. ACCA is seeking an experienced vendor to perform energy auditing services.

Who May Respond

Allegheny City Central AssociationAny individual or company with relevant experience may respond. The selected vendor will be required to provide proof of insurance, and name ACCA and the City of Pittsburgh as additionally insured.

Issuing Agency

Founded in 1970, Allegheny City Central Association is a non-profit, community development corporation serving the Allegheny City Central neighborhood. The organization is an advocate for neighborhood issues and has developed or facilitated over 200 units of housing during its tenure. The organization is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors.

Response Due Dates

Proposals will be accepted by the ACCA up until 5:00 pm on Monday, November 14, and should be submitted electronically to thardy@accapgh.org.


Inquiries concerning this RFP should be directed to Tom Hardy at thardy@accapgh.org.


ACCA reserves the right to not select any proposals, or withdraw or re-issue the RFP. Respondents will not be compensated for any costs associated with submitting a proposal.

Overview, Scope of Work, and Timeline

ACCA has funds to provide residential energy audits to qualified elderly and low-income homeowners in the Allegheny City Central Neighborhood. ACCA plans to include eligible renters in two-unit or fewer buildings if they pay their own utilities and the landlord agrees to participate in the program. The Scope of Work for the selected vendor will include a residential energy audit that makes recommendations for improvements, and organizes or prioritizes these based on their potential return on investment or payback period.

The goal of this initiative is not simply to provide a report and recommendations, but to give a head start to participants in terms of implementation. As a follow-up to the energy audit, ACCA would like the selected vendor to have the ability to implement basic recommendations as an optional service. We anticipate this may include things like replacing light bulbs with more energy efficient ones, installing low-flow water fixtures, and other relatively simple items that the selected vendor may recommend.

As a new program, ACCA has no historical information to draw from in terms of anticipating demand; however, we are hoping to provide services to 15-25 households initially. Our hope is to continue and expand the program in future years. ACCA is looking to start the program immediately upon selection of a vendor, and ability to mobilize quickly will be one of the factors evaluated.

Proposal Format

  1. Cover Letter
    Highlight your experience, credentials, and how quickly you can mobilize to start the work if selected.
  2. Cost Proposal and Scope of Work
    Please organize your cost proposal around the outlined Scope of Work and include:
    1. Project Management and Administration Cost
    2. Cost per each residential energy audit provided
    3. Menu of costs for additional implementation services including replacing light bulbs, installing low flow aerators or fixtures, and other items that respondent thinks might be relevant and appropriate.
  3. Project Organization and Staffing
    Summarize the qualifications of key personnel assigned to this project. Include recent experience that is directly applicable to this project, a project organizational chart, and resumes of the personnel assigned to the project.
  4. Related Experience
    Discuss your relevant experience in providing residential energy auditing services similar to those described in the scope of work for this RFP, with particular focus on any work experience serving low-income or elderly households.
  5. Attachments
    Please provide a sample residential energy audit report in the format that would be utilized for this project.

View or print a PDF of the ACCA Request for Proposals: Residential Energy Audit Services.