Community Guidelines

The Allegheny City Central website helps residents and visitors find places and things to do in our neighborhood. 

By joining the site, you agree to abide by our Guidelines below.

What to do

  • Be polite and respectful of other members and individuals in the community.
  • Share only content that you own — photos and video you’ve taken or own the rights to, and text you’ve written or have the rights to. 
  • Be family-friendly. All content on this website must be safe and appropriate for all ages. 

What not to do

  • Don’t upload or post anything that belongs to someone else.
  • Don’t post or upload anything that you wouldn’t share with a child, your grandmom, or your boss.
  • Don’t post or upload anything illegal or prohibited.
  • Don’t rant or vent frustrations, or harass, abuse, or intimidate others, whether members of the site or anyone in the community.

If we find anyone failing to adhere to these rules, we may delete the offending content or delete the account, with or without warning.

Useful tips for using this website

  • Remain calm. If something on this website upsets you, please don’t panic. Flag the item or contact us about it. 
  • If you see possible copyright infringement, please let us know, and we’ll work to resolve the issue.

Contact us

If you have questions about these guidelines, or about anything on the ACCA website, please let us know. We appreciate your feedback and involvement.