RFP to Develop Lots on Alpine Avenue

ACCA is requesting proposals for the development of the following vacant lots on Alpine Avenue and Carrington Street.

227 Alpine Avenue 248 Alpine Avenue
229 Alpine Avenue 249 Alpine Avenue
237 Alpine Avenue 251 Alpine Avenue
238 Alpine Avenue 253 Alpine Avenue
240 Alpine Avenue 255 Alpine Avenue
242 Alpine Avenue 257 Alpine Avenue
244 Alpine Avenue 237 Carrington Street
245 Alpine Avenue  

Vacant Lots on Alpine and Carrington to be DevelopedInterested parties may respond with proposals for individual or multiple properties. Respondents are encouraged to investigate the acquisition of privately owned vacant lots in the vicinity, as the intent of this development is to create a significant impact on the 200 block of Alpine Avenue.

Proposals should be consistent with related goals in ACCA’s Community Master Plan including:

  • Increase the rate of home ownership
  • Reinforce social and economic diversity
  • Build on strengths of what is existing in the neighborhood and allow for new housing types
  • Respect history, but allow for something new and innovative

Who May Respond

Any individual or company with credible development experience may respond.

Response Due Date

Proposals are due by December 5, 2014. ACCA may decide to extend the submission deadline, or to accept submissions on a rolling basis.

Full Request for Proposal

For more information, view the full RFP.


Inquiries concerning this RFP should be directed to (412) 465-0831, or development@accapgh.org.


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