Meet Your Neighbor – Mike Mitchell of the Allegheny City Market

The Allegheny City Market opened its doors last spring and neighbors cannot imagine life without it now. The former Doug’s Market opened in April of 2014 as a “not your typical” neighborhood market carrying local products such as coffee from La Prima Espresso Company, biscotti from The Enrico Biscotti Company along with gluten-free, organic and fresh items. Rob Collins opened the store while still running another neighborhood market on the East End. In the fall of 2014, Rob realized that he was juggling too much and turned to his friend Mike Mitchell for help.

Mike Mitchell at his counter in Allegheny City Market
Mike Mitchell is ready to make a sandwich at his counter in the Allegheny City Market.

Mike moved to Pittsburgh at age six when his family made Pine Richland their home. Mike and his family currently reside in McCandless. Although Mike is a graduate of culinary school, he hadn’t cooked for 17 years when he decided to take over the market after a slow-down in carpentry work. Now every Monday through Friday, you can find Mike at his market cooking up delicious daily specials. There’s always something savory brewing and the aroma of roasted peppers and onions often permeate the store. Mike offers daily specials such as kielbasa sandwiches with bell peppers and onions and a soup of the day. We took a moment to ask Mike a few questions that would help us get to know him better.

Favorite Part About Working in Allegheny City Central?
The people. I enjoy the daily interactions with the friendly people who stop in and I especially like when neighbors bump into each other in the store.

Favorite Hobby?
Attending live concerts.

Favorite TV Show?
All in the Family. It’s the best TV show ever made.

Guilty Pleasure?
Leona’s Ice Cream Sandwiches. If you haven’t tried one yet, you are missing out. Check out the dairy case across from the deli for one of these locally made delicacies.

What Would You Like the Neighborhood to Know?
I’m here for the long haul. As long as business is good I’m staying here. This isn’t your average neighborhood convenience store. This is a unique market with lots to offer.

If you haven’t already done so, make sure to try the Allegheny City Market at 1327 Arch Street.


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