ACCA Camera Program Available to Residents

As the weather gets warmer, so do opportunities for unwanted activities in our neighborhood.  With the expansion and redevelopment of houses, the bad element has moved around to new areas within our neighborhood.

Safety First!The ACCA Safety Committee is working with Zone 1 in reducing crime by identifying where these new “Hot Spots” are, as well as determining the best action to handle them.  In addition, the ACCA Camera Program is one of the tools being used to decrease criminal activities. In continuing this program, ACCA is going to be installing additional cameras at various locations in the neighborhood this spring/summer.

The ACCA Camera Program works as follows:

  • ACCA will purchase the cameras and DVRs
  • ACCA  will Install the cameras and DVRs on your house
  • The homeowner will supply an internet connection 
  • The homeowner will allow the ACCA board to access the DVR to retrieve the videos as needed  

Cameras will not be monitored on a regular basis. However, when an incident happens that is captured by the cameras, someone from the ACCA board will access the DVR and download the video captured and give it to the police.  

If you would like to participate in the ACCA Camera Program, please send an email to the ACCA Safety Committee. The committee will review your request with Zone 1 and determine the best places to put and place the cameras. 


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