Pursuing Happiness with Randy Gilson

Randy Gilson - Pursuing HappinessWe congratulate our neighbor, Randy Gilson, for being part of the film Pursuing Happiness, the 2015 documentary that explores the question, “What is Happiness?” 

To find an answer to their question, filmmakers Adam Shell and Nicholas Kraft set out on a 6,000 mile-long quest to find the happiest people in America. They heard the stories and experiences of a wide variety of Americans from various walks of life. The pair conducted more than 300 interviews with both happiness experts and exceptionally exuberant Americans, resulting in nearly 400 hours of footage. 

Pursuing HappinessTheir journey took them from Los Angeles to New York – through the deserted streets in Detroit, into the heart of Cajun country in Louisiana, and into New York City. Their quest also brought them to our own Northside neighborhood to learn about happiness from our happiest neighbor, Randy Gilson of Randyland Pittsburgh.

Pursuing Happiness had its World Premiere on Friday, April 24 at the 16th Annual Newport Beach Film Festival 2015. The documentary was also selected to be part of the 20th Annual Sacramento International Film Festival 2015

Read more about the filmmakers’ journey and the making of the documentary,Pursuing Happiness. Be sure to read the filmmakers’ blog about their meeting with Randy Gilson – who continually spreads his happiness throughout our neighborhood!


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