River of Words: HRC Hearing Scheduled on May 6

River of WordsThe second part of the public Historic Review Commission hearing regarding the appeal filed by Glenn Olcerst on behalf of the River of Words art installation, and all word holders living in the Historic District, is scheduled on Wednesday, May 6. The meeting will be held in the First Floor Hearing Room of 200 Ross Street in Downtown Pittsburgh. Proceedings on all cases that are scheduled that day start at 12:30 pm. View the complete HRC Meeting Agenda.

If you would like to show your support – whether you have a word or not:

  • Appear at the HRC meeting on May 6, and speak in support of art in our neighborhood and your word, if you have one
  • Add your name to the petition in support of keeping the River of Words as a permanent installation in our neighborhood

River of Words Background

River of Words was the first of five temporary public art commissions installed by City of Asylum along the Garden-to-Garden Artway in Allegheny City Central. The time period for the River of Words installation ended on December 27, 2014, but many people who had hosted words on their houses wanted to make River of Words a more permanent installation so that they could leave their words up after that date.

Glenn Olcerst, a Mexican War Streets resident, filed an application with the Historic Review Commission to keep his word displayed on his house. He hoped to set a precedent for other residents within the historic district who also wanted to keep their words.

At the Historic Review Commission’s Meeting on Wednesday, February 4. Glenn Olcerst presented his application. At that hearing, the HRC decided to postpone their decision on River of Words for 60 days. According to Glenn, HRC recognized and acknowledged a need to incorporate artwork into transparent guidelines, to study revisions to its procedures, and to make amendments to its fee schedule for art and for artists. During the 60 days following the hearing, no one had to take down their word, or pay $100 fee for a hearing.

If you have questions or need more information, email Glenn Olcerst.


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