PWSA Provides Lake Elizabeth Update

Pittsburgh Water and Sewer AuthorityPittsburgh Water and Sewer Authority (PWSA) is working on a project to make repairs and upgrades to Lake Elizabeth in Allegheny Commons Park. The PWSA is partnering with the Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy and the Department of Public Works on this project. To keep our neighbors informed, PWSA sent the following statement to share: 

To help preserve a North Side landmark, the Pittsburgh Water and Sewer Authority (PWSA) has proposed plans for increasing efficiency and water quality in Lake Elizabeth. The lake’s membrane has failed due to age, causing major leaks that must be repaired. PWSA is proposing a short-term fix which will place asphalt over the basin and add a sealing layer of gunite over the existing concrete. (A long-term structural solution will need to be pursued in the future.)

This initial project awaits further community input and City approval. For this reason, the lake will stay empty for the near future. After the proposed repairs are made, PWSA and partners will continue efforts to improve the lake’s appearance and function.

Lake Elizabeth - Allegheny CommonsWhen in use, 1.3 million gallons per day of drinking-quality water, provided by PWSA, constantly flows through the lake. PWSA has proposed placing aeration systems to spread fine air bubbles throughout the lake, improving water quality and reducing the volume of water needed to flush the lake. The system would be quiet and would not break the lake surface.

After these proposed improvements are made, water use will be reduced by 62 million gallons per year. This will save about $129,000 annually, not counting treatment costs for water that flows out of the lake and into the sewer system. This is both an investment in efficiency and cost reduction. Following in a long tradition at Allegheny Commons, PWSA looks to help preserve and improve Lake Elizabeth for many generations to come.

Please direct any questions to  Pittsburgh Water and Sewer Authority.


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