One Northside Community Grant Update

The Sprout FundThe Sprout Fund has invited Allegheny City Central Association to apply for a One Northside Community Grant. The One Northside Community Grant Fund offers up to $10,000 for communities to implement one project that responds to local opportunities and advances the quality of place, education, or employment on the Northside. 

At the September 14 General Membership meeting, the membership voted to accept the project proposed by Tim Nuttle of Civil & Environmental Consultants, Inc. (CEC) that envisions greening infrastructure improvements on Sampsonia Way.

Project Proposed

Beginning October 2015, CEC will engage residents to envision a green alley on Sampsonia Way. Through a series of community events and design charrettes, CEC will develop concept designs to be completed May 2016. These concept designs will allow development of compelling proposals for construction and implementation funding. The main goals of the project include:

  • Beautify the shared environment (pavers, vegetation, lighting, art), providing safe, enjoyable experiences
  • Reduce stormwater runoff
  • Engage the community in sustainable urban design
  • Provide a model for broader application

The proposed plan aligns well with Allegheny City Central Association’s Community Master Plan, that proposed creating “shared slow streets” and “green alleys” on Sampsonia Way. These complimentary concepts would improve safety, enhance quality of life, and address pressing environmental problems, on a narrow street that attracts thousands of visitors each year.


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