Update: Sampsonia Way Green Infrastructure Project

Tim Nuttle, Principal of Civil & Environmental Consultants, Inc., and Andrew Wickesberg, ACCA President, met with District 1 Councilwoman Darlene Harris and District 6 Councilman Daniel Lavelle to present the concept designs for the Sampsonia Way Green Infrastructure Project and to request funding in the Capital Budget for construction. Both Councilmembers were highly enthusiastic about the project and will be meeting with their staff and budget director to discuss making an allocation. They will also be setting up a meeting with the Department of Public Works, PWSA, and the project team to start putting commitments in place.

Sampsonia Way Green Infrastructure ProjectAndrew and Tim will also be reaching out to foundations, as well as State and Federal representatives, to secure funding for the construction design, so that phase can move forward before next year’s capital budget is approved.

Finally, volunteers studying Environmental Engineering at the University of Pittsburgh have agreed to help conduct a survey of stormwater issues in the neighborhood. This will help gather information about the degree of basement backups that are experienced in our neighborhood. The volunteers may be knocking on your door in May. In the meantime, if you experience any water-in-basement problems, either leaks though the walls or floor, or backups from floor drains, please call and report it to 311. This helps create a record of the issues people are experiencing.

For more information about the Sampsonia Way Green Infrastructure Project, you can join the Sampsonia Green Alley Facebook page.


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