Funding Approved for Garden Theater and Bradberry Building

Garden Theater Sign

Greetings Neighbors-
This afternoon, the URA approved a financial assistance package for TREK Development and Q Development to renovate the Garden Theater and the Bradberry apartment building. This funding will enable them to develop these two buildings while continuing work toward resolving the zoning issue currently preventing them from developing the remainder of the block in their plan. This package is, in part, the result of the community’s vocal support of the project and the ACCA membership’s urging to find a means of moving this portion of the project forward before resolving the zoning issue. We are very grateful to the many neighbors who have called, written, and expressed their opinions to the Mayor’s Office, the URA, and our council representatives.

Garden Theater Block - Bradberry Building

ACCA is also deeply grateful to TREK and Q for their continued commitment to the Garden Theater Block project. It is impossible to imagine better partners, and we look forward to working with them on the completion of the balance of the project. Our thanks extend also to Mayor Bill Peduto, his Chief of Staff Kevin Acklin, and the great team of people at the URA who have dedicated their time and expertise to making this great project in our neighborhood move forward.

We look forward to celebrating this milestone with you at the opening of the block’s cornerstone, City of Asylum @ Alphabet City. We are optimistic that the combination of City of Asylum, TREK Development and Q Development will bring life to our neighborhood’s long dormant centerpiece very soon.

Andrew Wickesberg
Allegheny City Central Association




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