Geese Mitigation Plan for Allegheny Commons Park

Lake Elizabeth in Allegheny Commons Park

To deal with the health and safety hazards posed by the presence of so many Canada geese in Allegheny Commons Park, the Allegheny Commons Initiative (ACI), along with the cooperation of the City of Pittsburgh, the Northside Leadership Conference, and the Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy, has decided to enter into an agreement with the USDA Wildlife Services (USDA-WS). A department of the USDA’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS), Wildlife Services has a long track record of assisting with geese management throughout the U.S., Allegheny County, and the City of Pittsburgh. 

ACI will contract with USDA-WS to pester the geese using a variety of methods. The USDA-WS employs only humane methods to make the geese uncomfortable and maintains compliance with the National Environmental Policy Act, the Endangered Species Act, and any other applicable federal statutes – as specified in their contract.

Geese Mitigation Plan for Allegheny Commons Park

Geese mitigation is not scheduled to begin until after the Lake Elizabeth cleanup on April 6th and 7th and the lake has been re-filled. Activities will also cease during the molting period, which is generally mid-June through the end of July, but will continue through the remainder of the year.

Educational Presentations for the Community:
APHIS-WS will be providing up to two educational presentations during the timeframe of the agreement. These presentations will be organized by ACI and the entire community will be informed as to time and place. ACI encourages everyone to attend and, if possible, to volunteer to assist with this geese mitigation effort.

Video of Allegheny Commons Initiative Meeting:
A video recording of the recent ACI meeting, during which all of these plans were discussed, is available to anyone who wants to become more familiar with the plans. Email Mariana WhitmerChair of Allegheny Commons Initiative, to have access to the video or if you have any other questions.

To learn more about the mitigation methods and techniques, read the full Geese Mitigation Plan announced by Allegheny Commons Initiative.


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