Feedback Needed for Jacksonia Street Traffic Calming Proposal

Allegheny City Central Association

As a follow-up to the Jacksonia Street Traffic Calming Walk-Through, Allegheny City Central Association hosted a Community Meeting that was held on Tuesday, August 3rd.

At the meeting, Nick Ross, the city’s Chief Municipal Traffic Engineer of the Department of Mobility and Infrastructure (DOMI), discussed the findings from DOMI’s Traffic Calming Study of Jacksonia Street, and presented DOMI’s preferred method on how to mitigate the issue. DOMI’s plan includes directional changes to the traffic on Jacksonia Street.

DOMI would like to know what you think about its proposed plan. Please note that feedback will be accepted from all neighbors who live in Allegheny City Central, not just those who live on Jacksonia Street.

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** Feedback will be accepted through SUNDAY, AUGUST 15th. **

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Allegheny City Central Association appreciates all of our neighbors who submitted their thoughts and opinions about DOMI’s proposed plan for Traffic Calming on Jacksonia Street.

All comments will be forwarded to the City for their review.


Summary of the Jacksonia Street Traffic Calming Meeting

Jacksonia Street Study Area


  • The primary issue is that Jacksonia Street is the only East/West street within the Central Northside that gives uninterrupted access from Federal Street to Brighton Road.
  • All of the other neighborhood streets have some changes in traffic flow that forces drivers to turn off of the street.
  • Uninterrupted traffic flow is the main reason that Jacksonia Street has a high volume of vehicles and cut-through traffic.

Data Collection Results

Data Collection was taken from June 15 to June 23. The Data Collection Device was placed at a mid-block location between Sherman and Garfield Streets. This location was selected to cover an area with the highest volume of uninterrupted vehicle travel, and would not be too close to an intersection with a stop sign or traffic light. Mid-block traffic is what really encapsulates the traffic issues for the street.

Traffic Study Findings:

  • Average Daily Traffic: 780 vehicles per day
  • Median Speed: 17 mph
  • 85th Percentile Speed: 21 mph
  • Percent of Motorists Driving over the 25 mph Speed Limit: 2%
  • Up to 6% of Cars were Traveling in the Wrong Direction


  • The study found that vehicles traveling in the wrong direction was 6% and it should be 0%. This is an issue that is as big, if not bigger, than speeding.
  • Speed values are rather low.
  • 85th percentile speed is at the low end of what DOMI has been able to accomplish with the most aggressive traffic calming features.
  • Vehicle speeds on Jacksonia Street are low enough that even speed bumps would not be particularly effective.

Origin-Destination Study

DOMI determined that operational changes to the street could reduce the volume of traffic. With an Origin-Destination Study, DOMI can estimate who travels on Jacksonia Street: Where do they come from & Where are they going?


  • 95-98% of trips do not end on Jacksonia Street
  • 75% of cut-through trips come from northbound Federal Street
  • 25% of cut-through trips come from southbound Federal Street
  • 66% of cut-through trips end northbound on Brighton Road
  • 33% of cut-through trips end southbound on Brighton Road


  • Jacksonia Street is primarily being used as a cut-through from Federal Street to Brighton Road.
  • The study shows that the people who are driving on Jacksonia Street have no intention of being on Jacksonia Street; they only want to get through it.

Overall Goals for Traffic Calming Implementation

  • Put in place operational changes that reduce the incentive for cut-through traffic.
  • Maintain access and safety for all residents, as well as the Mattress Factory.

DOMI’s Preferred Option for Calming Traffic on Jacksonia Street

  • Maintain access west-bound from Federal Street to Arch Street.
  • Flip the direction of travel between Monterey Street and Arch Street from westbound to eastbound.
  • Eliminate eastbound access to Jacksonia Street from Brighton Road and eliminate two-way travel from Brighton Road to Monterey Street. This would result in that portion of Jacksonia Street being one-way, westbound only.
Jacksonia Street Traffic Calming Meeting: Existing / Proposed Traffic Pattern
Jacksonia Street Traffic Calming Meeting: Existing / Proposed Traffic Pattern

Recording of Jacksonia Street Traffic Calming Meeting on August 3, 2021


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