Science Sleepover at Carnegie Science Center

Bring your family to the Carnegie Science Center for a night of fun and adventure during one of their Science Sleepovers!  There are a variety of themes to choose from. All Science Center Sleepovers include a variety of themed activities, an Omnimax movie, a science workshop, sleeping among the exciting exhibits, and more. A late-night snack and continental breakfast are included, as well as free admission to the museum on the day following the sleepover. For more information and to see a list of all of the scheduled sleepovers, visit the Science Sleepover event page. Call 412-237-1637 to register.

Engineering Sleepover: Friday, February 19

Put your thinking cap on as you design, build and test out feats of engineering genius! Create towers, catapults, mazes, and anything else you can imagine during an inventive night of fun. On Saturday, stay for the annual Engineer the Future event to meet with engineering professionals and enjoy additional hands-on activities.

Tropical Science Sleepover: Friday, February 26

Escape the chilly winter weather and warm up with a night of tropical science fun! Experiment with sand, learn about sea creatures, and be dazzled by the powers of the sun!

Odd Squad Sleepover: Saturday, March 5

Help Odd Squad agents solve their most challenging cases ever. Can Olive, Otto, and Oscar save the world from the Hydraclops? Will the Odd Squad pull off the ultimate birthday surprise for Ms. O? Sleepover guests will get to watch an episode of the kid-favorite PBS Odd Squad on the big screen at the Science Stage. Participants will tackle several activities to achieve Agent status by the end of the night. Every child will receive an Odd Squad poster to take home.

Astronomy Sleepover: Friday, March 18

Explore the wonders of the cosmos in this star-studded sleepover adventure. Take a look at the night sky, and see if you have what it takes to be an astronaut. It’s an out-of-this-world experience you won’t want to miss.

Mad Science Sleepover: Friday, April 1

Channel your inner Mad Scientist as you try your hand at some amazing science experiments. Embrace your inner chemist as you create colorful and explosive reactions, or make your hair stand on end with physics!

Robotics Sleepover: Saturday, April 9

Calling all robot enthusiasts! Visit with R2D2, Gort, and Robby while getting hands-on with robots of all shapes and sizes. Use sensors to navigate through a maze, test your battle bot skills, and even draw a picture using a robot!

Camping Sleepover: Friday, April 22

Get prepared for camping season by sharpening your outdoor skills! Learn about fire, navigate by the stars, identify critters, and try your hand at a few outdoor games.

Sci-Fi Sleepover: Friday, April 29

Feel the force at our sci-fi themed sleepover! Come dressed up as your favorite character to decipher an alien language, investigate UFO’s, and learn about the science behind your favorite science fiction worlds.

Girls Only Sleepover – CSI Sleepover: Friday, May 6

Become a forensic scientist for the night as you search a crime scene, analyze the evidence in the laboratory, and put together the clues to solve a mystery!

Matilda Sleepover: Saturday, June 4

See the 2 pm matinee performance of Matilda at the Benedum Center downtown, then spend the night at the Science Center with all the usual sleepover features PLUS special Matilda-themed activities! Drop off your sleeping bag and overnight gear at the Science Center – parking is free for Sleepover guests. Then take the subway to Wood Street Station and walk to the Benedum. After the show, return to the Science Center to purchase dinner in our Café — or have dinner on your own downtown! Just be sure to return to the Science Center by 6:30, to take advantage of all the sleepover fun. Return to the Wood Street Station and take the subway to North Shore, getting off at Allegheny Station. You’ll see the Science Center from there, about a block away.

Carnegie Science Center, 1 Allegheny Avenue, Pittsburgh