July Membership Meeting Highlights


More than 60 people attended the ACCA general membership meeting on July 14, 2014. For those who couldn’t be there, here’s a recap of meeting highlights.

Federal and North Master Plan

First on the agenda, Moore Design Associates presented the Federal and North Master Plan. Moore Design Associates developed the plan for ACCA with the guidance of a steering committee of local residents, businesses and cultural institutions. Over the past six months, the group identified nine top priority elements within the plan. At the general membership meeting, residents collaborated to rank their priorities.

There is still time to give your input. Please help the steering committee prioritize recommendations.

Read more, view the presentation, and provide your feedback …

Federal Street Traffic Study and Stop Signs

Next, Lieutenant Sloan of Zone One Police reported on the results of a recent traffic study of Federal Street. The study, which ran from June 27 through July 2, measured the speed of 29,133 vehicles. Among the findings:
57% of cars were going over the speed limit of 25 mph
45% were going over 27 mph
15% were going over 30 mph
10% were going over 31 mph (the upper limit of their “pace speed”)
5% were going over 32 mph

While police do not consider these figures to be exceptionally high, Sharnay Hearn, community affairs liaison for the City of Pittsburgh, reported that two stop signs will be installed on Federal Street. One stop sign will be placed on Federal Street coming down the hill just before it meets Henderson. The second will be placed on Federal Street at Henderson for traffic going up the hill.

According to Grant Gittlen, community affairs manager for the City of Pittsburgh, the second sign is necessary to avoid accidents caused by drivers traveling down Federal or Henderson who may assume that vehicles coming up Federal have to stop as well.

“Although we believe this is the most important step we are looking into additional options,” says Gittlen.

The work is expected to be complete by the end of this week.

Street Trees

Also at the membership meeting, Tree Pittsburgh and TreeVitalize explained how to apply for street trees, outlined services each organization provides, and answered residents’ questions about tree-tending.

RFP for 1423 Boyle Street

ACCA members approved a motion to issue an emergency RFP to stabilize and develop the property at 1423 Boyle Street.

Read more and view the RFP …

Formation of Youth Committee

Finally, ACCA announced the formation of a youth committee. Look for more info soon. If you want to learn more now or get involved, contact youth@accapgh.org.


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