ACCA Requests a Stop Work Order for Dollar Tree

Dollar Tree has purchased the former Family Dollar property at 1516 Brighton Road and construction is underway to renovate the building and parking lot. The site plan has raised several concerns for neighbors. It shows deliveries being accommodated by a westbound approach on Jacksonia Street, which means delivery trucks would need to travel several blocks down residential streets to reach the store. Dollar Tree also included a letter in their application stating that deliveries will occur between midnight and 4 AM.

The site plan also includes a new curb cut onto Cameo Way. This alley borders the residential neighborhood and is not suited for commercial traffic. Based on the concerns of many neighbors regarding both the new curb cut, and the route of delivery truck traffic, the ACCA General Membership decided at their meeting on May 11 to write a letter to the City requesting a review of the administrative approval of the site plan and the issuance of a stop work order until these issues can be addressed. See the letter that was subsequently sent.


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