Garden Theater Block Update

Greetings Neighbors,

Garden Theater Block Development 2015-10-12As you may have already heard, there have been at least two appeals filed contesting TREK’s Garden Theater Block Zoning approval. ACCA remains committed to supporting TREK and its project as it was presented at our last membership meeting. We are in close contact with both TREK Development and Q Development to ensure the success of this project. At this time, there is no action that needs to be taken, but rest assured that when there is an opportunity for the neighborhood to voice its opinion, we will let you all know.

Links for the appeals are below for those who wish to read them:

We ask for your patience as we navigate this complex process, and are greatly heartened that TREK has committed to staying the course on this transformative project for our neighborhood.


Andrew Wickesberg
Allegheny City Central Association



4 Responses to “Garden Theater Block Update”

  1. Duke Britton

    Please google pictures of soviet era apartment buildings…and compare those to this monstrosity/eye sore. The cut and paste of the original buildings facades (all 8-10 ft of them) is like trying to hide an elephant under a dish towel. Absolutely none of the ‘new part’ of this structure reflects the architecture of the Northside.

  2. Chris Litherland

    Build it now in order to preserve those facades, but please for the love of god dont have any horrid corrugated metal siding. That crap is a plague on new developments.

  3. Janet Gunter

    Yay! I’m almost ready to support selling the Garden to some lowlife porn purveyor just to see it saved. Trek may be the life line these buildings need.


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