Garden Theater Block Update

Dear Neighbors,

Garden Theater Block

We are deeply disappointed to share some difficult news regarding the Garden Theater Block. Today, Judge James issued a decision in favor of the appellant, essentially bringing progress on TREK Development Group​’s proposed development to a halt.

ACCA has spoken with TREK, and remains deeply committed to both their project as presented, and to TREK as the preferred developer. TREK has received calls of support from both the URA and the Mayor’s office, and when we spoke this morning, I assured Bill Gatti that he still had the unwavering support of Allegheny City Central. TREK’s legal team is evaluating their options, and we will notify you all when further action can be taken.

I thank you all for your continued patience and strong showing of support throughout this process. I also urge you to remain positive. Construction continues on the Masonic Building at full speed, and we all look forward to holding our first meeting in City of Asylum​‘s newly renovated space this fall!

Andrew Wickesberg
President, Allegheny City Central Association

Read Judge James’ Opinion and Order of Court.




5 Responses to “Garden Theater Block Update”

  1. in the document: Councilwoman Darlene Harris testified in opposition…..I hope she and David D along with Stephen P enjoy their unobstructed view of Federal & North. It will be wide open when the buildings fall down and the few viable business we have check out of this neighborhood.

  2. They all lie cheat and steal .This project has been killed many times and it hurts the North side greatly. All other neighbohoods in Pitt get money an support Darleen Harris is a total Waste at City Council and to the Northside

  3. Matthew

    Such a major disappointment. Darleen Harris and crew are great at stopping anything from happening, but apparently not so good at helping to find alternatives. Nothing but a loss for our neighborhood.

  4. Bob Malakoff

    The testimony of Darlene Harris and that of neighbors both pro and con was irrelevant. Zoning is not a popularity contest. Judge James made his decision according to the law. He ruled that Trek did not come close to justifying the extreme variances that they requested. He also rejected the statement by the Board that the detrimental impact of the variances is outweighed by the benefits anticipated from developing the site. That statement has no legal validity. Trek also failed to legally justify the special exception for providing no on-site parking. The problem with the site is the inability of the URA and the neighborhood elites to come up with a reasonable development during the many years since the Garden Theater was acquired.


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