Public Meeting: Double-Stacked Trains Impact on Northside Railroad Crossings

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Public Meeting
Presented by Norfolk Southern
Tuesday | June 26th | 6-8 pm
at the Children’s Museum

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Norfolk Southern Railroad wants to bring double-stacked trains through Allegheny Commons (West Park). In order to do that, they want to raise the Northside bridges by three feet, creating significant community impacts.

Northside Railroad Crossings Affected by Norfolk Southern Double-Stacked Trains

Train traffic will increase, our environment will be impacted, and our roads and sidewalks may be radically altered. The plans are still unsettled, so YOU have a chance to affect those plans.

This will not be your only opportunity to participate, but it will be an IMPORTANT one. Attend, see the plans, ask your questions, give your thoughts and CONNECT for future information and events.

To be on a community update list, email

Map of Affected Northside Railroad Crossings



2 Responses to “Public Meeting: Double-Stacked Trains Impact on Northside Railroad Crossings”

  1. Bernard Stankay

    We are completely against running trains through our neighborhoods carrying toxic and radioactive waste. Are you out of your minds? These substances shouldn’t be anywhere near residential populations and you want to run them though people’s back yards. The risks are not worth any amount of money. It only takes one accident to subject residents to severe health risks. Prepare for lawsuits. Property values will diminish based solely on this transit. There’s nothing to discuss here. Absolutely not!. Not now, not ever!

  2. Ssndra Besterman

    I am appalled at the proposal to send trains with toxic material through the neighborhood. This is ridiculous. An accident could cause irrepairable damage.
    In addition, the increased noise pollution will be intolerable. This must not be permitted.


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